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Japfest 2017


We take a cruise through Japfest 2017 and take a look at some of the epic metal which made an appearance.  This s14A was hitting the spot.


Always on the lookout for unique or genuine wheels which really set of a build, These GTC’s were stunning on this four-door.


We recently supplied these type C’s for Yonnys EK9 and they really finish the look.


Another beauty is this 180sx from Donegal wearing a tasty set of TE37’s.


Speaking of TE37, this BNR32 on SL’s was incredible, it’s hard to top this.


Wait what? This is wild.


One of the first sets of SSR GTX01’s to be out in the public domain here in Ireland and they appear to have a happy home under the arches of this new Impreza.


This Verrosa is badass, sitting on some stunning CRKAI’s.


The level of cars in Ireland over the last few years has really increased. Loved this EG sitting on Work Equip 03’s.


Another set of wheels from the Distro is this spectacular SSR SP3’s which we provided last summer, this car was given a refresh from black to purple and the new wheel and paint combo are out of this world. distjapfest17_11

Hard to beat some Koenigs.


It’s great to see where stuff ends up that leaves our store, another set of wheels we supplied are these XD9’s for this Laurel.


I’d be surprised if we didn’t sell these CST’s but either way this SXE10 was hitting the spot.


Daves car looking cleaner than ever at the Juicebox stand.


We are big fans of the MKII here at JDM Distro, and what better place to see them in action than an AE86 Panda.


It’s great to see Brendan finally get his cars out to the public and reap the rewards, we supplied these wild 15J meisters a while back for his Rabid bunny RX7 and the final result is nothing short of epic.


JR11’s doing their thing on this PS13.


Quentin sourced these SP3’s through us for his build, in fact, he’s bought quite a few sets of proper wheels through us, great to see him take home an award the weekend.


Another beauty to come through the Distro store for wheels is this RX7 sporting an F20C heart. These mega TF1’s work their magic under the Rocket buny kit.


The second beast from Brendan is his RX8 he has been building for a long time. Another car which has been fitted with an array of bits from us including those mega Meisters. Raising the bar for Irish builds. distjapfest17_1

I’ll leave it here with a final shot of Brendan’s RX7, great to see such epic builds coming out of the country this year, both the RX8 and RX7 have been a long time coming but it really makes us proud here at JDM Distro to have been apart of something as epic as this.

Till next time.

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