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Distro Stories: December Wheels

Once we remove the tyres from the wheels, we shoot our photographs for the website; this is one of the more enjoyable parts of the job.

After tyre removal, we go through each wheel one at a time to ensure the offsets are correct; ensure the sizes are as listed and try to spot any cracks or buckles which might have been missed during the auction.

It’s hard to make out what condition a lot of these items are on the tiny images on Yahoo auctions. Most of the time, the photos are pretty bad, so it’s always a bit of a gamble.

Usually, Japanese sellers are somewhat genuine, but you do get the odd few wheels which are cracked or damaged which have to be sent out for repair. The rest are all lined up, cleaned and we then wait for the right lighting outside the shop to photograph them which is usually when the sun goes behind the warehouse. Each time a container comes, we go through each set, trying to bring out the best in them with the photos and giving potential customers the best photos to spot whatever scratches might be on the wheels.

Everything set of wheels we buy on yahoo is second hand, so these items are more than likely going to have some small wear and tear marks or small signs of kerbing etc. It’s fascinating when we take a close look at the wheels that come in; some have super grippy track tyres, others have utterly bald drift tyres. If these wheels could speak, many would have a tale or two.


This Bronze set of te37s in 18s and 19s was rattle can paint red in Japan, something would not see anywhere else in the world, because this stuff is everywhere over there, there’s less value placed on parts which otherwise be considered the holy grail over this side of the globe.

We had to painfully strip all of the red paint from these beauties to reveal their iconic bronze finish. Luckily the wheels were in pretty much pristine shape underneath.

Some of the stuff we buy are items that we have never seen before or we would own ourselves, the problem with this is usually the rare or unusual stuff sits around for that bit longer. People typically stick to what they know, and unique or lesser-known wheels don’t get snatched up as quickly.

Working here the past few years, you see trends in the car world come and go. There was a time where people didn’t care much for the original MK1 P1 wheel, but these days we sell them like hotcakes.

There was a time where we couldn’t keep VIP wheels on the shelf like these Eurolines but these days sales of the VIP stuff has slowed down a bit.

The same could be said for the VS-KF from work; there was a time we couldn’t keep enough if these in stock, I blame Hertlife from and A Bo Moon for these spiking in popularity, they always look great with a fat lip to complement those spokes. Regardless we still sell quite a few of these wheels, but the demand has dropped.

Te37s will never go out of style; these are a dependable seller no matter what size or spec we get them in.

These Zeniths’s are one of those wheels we took a gamble on; they resemble a three-piece TE37 and id assume these are geared towards the VIP crowd in Japan. Due to their massive sizes, these will take a ballsy enough car builder to make the purchase and build something to suit these monsters.

The candy red spokes are fantastic; I love the lesser heard of Japanese wheels like this.

We’ve imported three sets of these Techno speeds in the last couple of months they’ve all went to the USA. These are another great wheel from the early Millenium that can pretty much suit anything from that era.

These have to be one of the best-looking centre caps ever made! Love that 3d look.

These Eurolines look similar to the VS-KF and the Kranze; a lot of Japanese companies have wheels which look like they were copying each other’s homework.

Check out these MC Laren SSR collaboration wheels, this is one of those times where we bought something just on looks and rareness alone.

I have a strong feeling these will sit in the warehouse until the right person comes along. We had never seen a set of SSR Mclarens before and couldn’t help ourselves.

Just when you think you have seen it all, stuff like this appears on Yahoo. I’ve repeated it many times but it baffles me just how many wheel designs have come out Japan.

Some of the new wheels coming out of Work are exceptional. The CR2P which is a reimagined version of the CRK-AI is a two-piece version of the design offering a polished lip.

Advan always has the neatest finish touches on their wheels. The original Advan T7 is where CST got its inspiration for the hyper.

This set of MK2’s came with a free MK1, both designs are from the early eighties but still hold up as a great design to this day.

We will finish this on a nice set of snow-white TE37s. That’s all from this wheel shoot, hope you enjoyed some close-ups of some of the recent stock.

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