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Distro Stories: A Christmas Container Full of Goodies

Christmas was a little different at Distro in 2019, arguably the busiest year for the business with a container anding in from Japan every few months. We see a lot of stuff pass through the company and being honest as a car person; it’s hard to see so many quality parts pass through your hands.

On a good note, its nice to know we are helping people build their ideal car, getting the parts for them that would be otherwise impossible to extract from Japan. This container was a special one; it brought parts for all of us, along with the usual customer parts. It timed itself nicely with the Christmas holidays, we were closing up shop at the end of this week, so the container landed on a fresh Monday morning.

As we unpacked the container, we slowly found the items we had purchased one at a time.

Those Rays wheels boxes get us every time!

What a great image!

T-50 goodness!

I got my box of magazines and the hood I had purchased on his Japan trip, along with a battery box, Adrian had bought a gorgeous N-style seat which made him a happy camper and Sean got his hands on an Ings front bumper for his S2000 project.

Who said that money couldn’t buy happiness? Look at that face on Adrian and tell me that’s not genuine! This was an exceptional container for all of us. As much fun as it is unloading these every few months, this one will go down as one of the best! The best days at work.

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