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An Evo Calls In For A Shoe Change

It’s always a good day at work when someone brings their pride and joy to try on some wheels. This gorgeous Evo IX MR was fresh in from Japan, and the owner made the journey down from Galway to purchase some TE37’s which funnily enough were also just in from Japan. Funny how that works.

Two products built in the same country and usually paired in the same place get shipped to the other side of the world where they eventually matched up!

The Evo IX is one of the best looking of the Mitsubishi Evo platform, and Original finish Bronze YE37s with that iconic two-stage anodising was the perfect match for the car.

These were in great sizes, 17×8.5’s all-round, very usable daily wheels. The owner didn’t just purchase the wheels from us; he headed to get fresh tyres fitted and wanted to drive these wheels home on the car.

It had come in with a set of heavily faded CE28’s which had turned pink, but these Bronze TE37’s were the ultimate match for the car. It’s always nice when someone calls in with a car like this, we get to play Gran Turismo in real-life fitting cool wheels to beautiful vehicles, and that’s always a good time.

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